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I was born in Oakland, California - the son of a physician and brother of three. Growing up, I wanted to work in the healthcare field just like my dad. I went to college in Southern California and studied biological sciences. After taking many different science classes, I was fascinated by organic chemistry, which led to my interest in pharmacy. I liked it so much that I became a tutor and started working for a big chain company as a pharmacy technician. Fast forward a couple years, I am now a legal drug dealer in California.

The first video that I ever made was in 8th grade. I had an English class group assignment to make a video as a book report. Knowing that my dad had a camcorder at home, I volunteered to be the cameraman and editor for the assignment. From that point on, I fell in love with the art of creating motion picture and cinematography. The ability to tell a story or evoke certain emotions through this medium is truly amazing.

These days I live in the Bay Area, working as a pharmacist. I enjoy listening to different genres of electronic music and love eating Korean and Mexican food.